The Great Leveller

For anyone thinking about taking an adult ballet class, then you should first understand that class is an almighty leveller. Everyone is equal in ballet class. Even in professional ballet companies the prima ballerinas take daily class alongside the members of the corps.

On the ocassions an ex-dancer takes class and pirouettes the shit out of everyone, I bet you any money she still has hang-ups that make her every bit as self-conscious as the other women in class. There are none of us without a little bit of self-consciousness.

We have one girl who attends barre & stretch who is heavier and working very hard to lose weight and change her life. She is doing brilliantly. She comes every week and never complains when she can't do things but instead tries her best, and each week she just gets better and better. I can already see she is losing weight and her confidence grows with every class. This is the kind of positivity and change ballet class can bring.

On Wednesday I took class dressed in our soon-to-be-launched ballet label, Danseuse, however it was somewhat wasted as I had to sit out 60% of the stuff in each class. I sat there, in all my pretty clothes, watching whilst others did. I was certainly levelled as I remembered that my muscles are 41 years old and not indestructable. I watched the others girls dance and learn new steps and combinations and I must admit I felt sad and left out. I wanted to be part of it, especially as we have a new teacher.

I realise the healing process is slow, and I am simply impatient, but it was a tease being back in class but not able to actually do any of it. My Danseuse Misty skirt did not see much action.

However, with a few weeks off for the holidays my leg is sure to heal completely and in January I'll be battling with those pirouettes once more.

Roll on January....