button it up...

As we have said before, sometimes it's the littlest things in life that bring the biggest smile to your face.

Today that thing is ceramic buttons

But not just any buttons. These little beauties are the latest creations of Kingdom favourite  A Alicia.

 Each ceramic button is handmade in her London studio using stoneware clay and unique textured patterns, then brought to life with beautiful high-fire glazes.

Great for giving an old cardi a new life or for finishing off your knitting or sewing projects ( or if you are like Queen Michelle and I keeping them safe in a box!)

These handmade buttons also make great Christmas gifts for the crafty person in your life!

Even better Anna is currently offering 20% off  her new '£30 and Under' shop section!

Just use code '20OFF30' when you check out before the end of November.

Now all you have to do is decide which buttons to choose and believe me that is not going to be easy...  A_Alicia_buttons_small



Four_A_Alicia_buttons_on_white  Medium_buttons_turq_small

If buttons are not your thing then how about some ceramic decorations?

These handmade stoneware  Christmas decorations  would look just as beautiful hung in a window all year round as it would on your Christmas tree! You can choose a single decoration (£9) from the 3 designs or buy a set of all 3 (£24)! 

In white or blue each decoration is hand-cut from stoneware clay, so each one is as unique as a snowflake! The front and sides are glazed with classic white or a soft blue. The back is smooth, pale buff clay. They come strung on UK made ribbon, ready to hang up.






These are so pretty that I can easily imagine one of these on a longer ribbon worn as a necklace!

Queen Marie