Little Miss Malwia

Apologies for my post today. I have had no time to prepare it since I spent Wednesday evening in A&E after tearing my calf muscle and I am now trying to get about on crutches. Going from the sofa to the desk has, quite frankly, become a bit of a lengthy and painful ordeal, even though it's mere yards away. Lugging your own body weight around on your arms is bloody knackering so when I sit myself down, I am rather reluctant to move again.

So a small post today where this is very little narrative. It's "oh look at this cute stuff" post.

The cute stuff in question isn't actually that cute since it's an S&M accessories label which features leather harnesses and harness inspired pieces. Miss Malwia is a Polish brand, I think, and I had the site bookmarked for a long time because I wanted the pentagram glove/hand harnesses. 

E8eb6e4b8eIf you still love body harnesses, these leather ones are very reasonably priced and all hand-made. If harnesses are not quite your thing, then she also has some beautiful neckpieces too.

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I love the studded Peter Pan collar but I am rather distracted by the airbrushed out nipples.

Oh well, if you excuse me, I'm off now to begin my long journey back to the sofa, which is where I will remain for the foreseeable future.