You may not have realised it, but everyone needs a Sunday jumper!



A Sunday  jumper is the one that you pull on about 8am when you have been up all night and you start to get all shivery.  Or else the jumper that you stick on top of your jammies around 2pm as you sit on the couch with some tea and toast getting ready to watch a Sunday afternoon movie.

A good Sunday jumper if you pick it wisely will last for years and years.

Sadly my big black sunday number is nearing the end of its life so the search is on for it's successor.  If I had the funds available, I know where I would be heading. Straight to &Daughter.

Designed and manufactured by a father and daughter team these are glorious garments

Designer Buffy Reid (previously a publicist for Gap) and her father (a retired tweed and cashmere wholesaler supplying stores such as Browns in the ’80s) sought eclectic inspiration from Steve McQueen, Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe, but at the end of the day it came down to creating the perfect vintage-inspired Aran knit with soft but durable yarn, which Buffy found nigh impossible to locate on the market.

 Working with arran and cashmere, Buffy wanted to create classic knitwear that would last for a lifetime. Knitwear that gets better with time and becomes more precious with every passing year. Garments that would be as ‘timeless as the white shirt’. 

Even the explanation behind their brand is charm itself...

&Daughter is... A belief in provenance. The understanding that something expertly made can last a lifetime. Heritage, not for nostalgia’s sake, but for the sake of knowledge & skill and the timelessness of great design. Made in the borders of Scotland and the west coast of Ireland.



Using only the finest quality natural yarns. Linking and finishing every garment by hand. An unfaltering love of navy. The firm opinion that you can never have enough grey marl in your wardrobe/life. A life-time’s search for the perfect cashmere sweater. The sneaking suspicion that weekend socks = happiness. Aran knit devotee. A daughter and father partnership. Effortless knits made brilliantly well"


Picture 9

Picture 8
Their most perfect jumprer of all combines my two favourite things - arran and stripes

Say hello to the most perfect jumper in the world EVER...

Picture 10

Picture 13

Picture 2

It is perfect apart from one thing!

Buffy has cut them to suit a modern taste, narrower arms, closer fitting to the body and I need a Sunday jumper to be voluminous. I have to feel cocooned within my jumper.

So maybe this stripy number would make the perfect Friday jumper. But hey, that's a whole other story...

Queen Marie