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It's hard to believe that twenty five years have passed since the Berlin Wall fell, reuniting not just a nation but families who had been seperated for almost a quarter of a century...


From November 7th to 9th, 8000 glowing balloons will line a 15km portion of the city, where the Berlin Wall once stood.

The installation entitled Lightgrenze,’or ‘Border of Light,’ by bauderfilm and WHITEvoid commemorates the 25th anniversary of the fall of what served as the dividing line between East and West for so many years.

This glorious light display was created by artist Christopher Bauder and filmmaker Marc Bauder. Along the course of its 15km, the installation passes such famous sites asCheckpoint Charlie, which once served as the most popular crossing point between East and West Germany. You can follow the the installation’s path in the video below.

The 15-kilometer (or 9.3-mile) Lightgrenze, or Light Frontier, from the Wall Memorial to the Brandenburg Gate, will also include large-screen projections of historical filmcollages, along with guided tours and public exhibits.

As the sun sets on Nov. 9, Berliners will be invited to attach personal messages to the balloons and release them into the night sky and as the released balloons sail above, the Staatskapelle Berlin, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, will perform the final movement ofBeethoven’s Ninth Symphony, the rousing “Ode to Joy,” at the Brandenburg Gate.

By using such visually striking reminders, the installation forces us to think back on those days, and ponder just how intrusive this barrier was on the people of Berlin. Families and friends were divided as their city served as the ideological battle ground for two world superpowers. The glowing balloons remind us of the protestors who lit candles during protests in those dark days...






For the rest of us, watching and listening from around the world, we too can send a message of love and support to those in Berlin on the interactive web portal - fallofthewall25

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