any which way you fold it...

There is something quite shameful about being outcrafted by an eight year old!

Princess Jenny has discovered origami and little paper creatures are popping up all around my mums house.

I have tried to join in but my attempts have been quite frankly embarrassing. I mean how hard can it be, all I have to do is fold bits of paper. You would think it would be nigh on impossible to get it so wrong. But luckily for you all, you can't see my attempts.

But this could all be about to change, on Thursday night I found a great German childrens site that gives super clear instructions that even I can follow...


This would be the perfect activity to keep small children ( or stoopid Queens) quiet for hours on end.

 I'm wondering now if I could get Jenny to rustle me up a dress like this...


Christopher Kane's fall 2014 origami

It's Christopher Kane for AW 14, how wonderful is this

If you have a spare £2800, then you could be a little walking origami sculture in time for Christmas


Christopher Kane@thecorner.com_1

It even comes as the prettiest little scultural top

Christopher Kane@thecorner.com_2Now if you will excuse me I'm off to start folding some bits of paper and make me some dresses and dogs...

Queen Marie