spooky solution...

So Halloween is heading towards us over the hill!

With Optimo Espoookio a mere ten days away, I've been scratching my head trying to come up with an idea for this year. I think I have decided on some kind of a Bambi/Deer thing but that could still change!

Regardless of what I come up with, even if I feel quite pleased with my efforts when I leave The Palace, by the time I get to the club and start looking around at the wonderous efforts people have made, I always feel quite lame.

Even worse than a lame costume, is no costume at all. At Espookio you really would feel out of place if you had no costume on. But what if you have run out of time ,energy or ideas?

For the laziest boys in town, here comes the spookiest and simplest solution you ever did see.

No costume?

No worries ! Just pull your t shirt  up over your head!


Behold the Ghost T shirt from Merrimaking

I actually laughed out loud when this popped into The Kingdom inbox.

At £20 this is a spooky steal.



Queen Marie