Once upon a pixel...



 When it comes to putting the fun into furniture, no one does it quite like the Italians!

This is the Pixel Furniture range. Designed by Studio Badini Createam for Italian Design House Seletti 

Since its establishment, in 1964, the italian company Seletti has always distinguished itself with its creative freshness and irony in the household design products.

I'll be honest, reading their "about us" I got a little confused - 

" Using the ability to look at an object with the close bond to the value of the gestures of a person at home, we have the possibility to live and narrate our existence in the style we choose. Objective and effective clues for an adventure, and a personal one for each of us offered in a creative key: the objects as they once were, come to us, talk whit us and with our sensitivity, and this is the very intellectual quality that make them outstanding. Poetics of the production and the daily life that, when compared to life that has been experienced, turns into the continuous journey of increasing our wordily things with the idea of batty"

  Lets just stick with saying they make furniture that's fun!!!






Studio Badini Createam and Selab teamed up for this collection of three pieces, an armoire (or wardrobe), a two drawer and a three drawer chest from Seletti. The classic furniture pieces are decorated by hand with a pixelated image of a woman's face, melding the traditional with the modern.

I would happily make room in the palace for all of them...

Queen Marie