do you want mushrooms with that?

After the jollity of bouncing balls yesterday, today I bring you something altogher smaller and more magical - these precious little led mushroom lights from the Great Mushrooming


Picture 4

I hardly have the words to express how much I adore these precious little creations.

Mounted on wood they truly look and feel organic in every way

I even love the old school look of the super retro volume control 

Exhibited at the Design Festa 2010, the Great Mushrooming’s work could almost be described as practical works of art! Handcrafted from glass, discarded wood and LED lights, each fungi’s precise details are different .

 After visiting his site for more photos and info sadly I am no further forward as I don't speak Japanese! Although after much prowling around it seems that the man behind the mushrooms,sadly at present has no plans to sell his work overseas as he thinks the little glass mushrooms are to brittle to ship safely!



Picture 2




For anyone who doesn't like to sleep without a light on, these would be perfect in the corner of your room.

You would drift gently off to sleep dreaming of enchanted woods and glades

Until Mr Mushroom ships overseas you could maybe make do with this little number, it's only plastic but for under £7 it would classify a magic little mushroom...



 Queen Marie