hats across the ocean...

Hello Monday!  Queen Marie here...

Queen Michelle is on holiday for a fortnight visiting the Duchess in Aberdeen before heading off on a Castle Hunting adventure in Wales. 

I got the faint impression she was slightly nervous at leaving me with the keys to The Kingdom for a fortnight in case I wreak havoc or have any mad parties while she is gone but I promise to behave with the upmost decorum in her absence!

Lets's start the week by talking about hats!

We do love a good hat here in The Kingdom and these hats by Tomomi Egawa from across the sea in NYC are very very good indeed...


Tomomi Egawa is a New York-based knitwear line which combines elements of Japanese minimalism with a subtle hand-crafted aesthetic. her beanies are hand knitted with care in New York City. She works primarily with fine high sheen merino and baby alpaca wool to create designs that are functionally warm and aesthetically minimal.

These are the kind of hats that you will wear season after season, which is probably just as well as they are a little on the pricey side!

 Growing up, she was surrounded by a family involved in fashion; her family owned a shoe sole making factory and her mother worked for a corporate company in one of the skyscraper buildings in tokyo. her aunt was with Christian Dior. although she became interested in garment structures at an early age and liked modern architecture, she found herself drawn to the exquisite detail in her grandmother’s knitted handwork.

 In Tomomi’s design studio in new york city, she continues this commitment to craft, knitting all of her soft, sculptural pieces by hand. she aspires to make the simple unisex beanies with a sense of humor that can be worn and seen outside the perspective of knitting...



Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 5a
Picture 7

My absolute favourite has to be this jaunty little knot number below. This is playful and whimsical without being twee and could be my first hat of the season...

LITTLE KNOT   $158.00



Queen Marie