The Plaice to be....



So The Commonwealth Games are coming to an end.

What a glorious surprise they have proved to be!

The whole city has embraced them in a way I honestly couldn't have imagined they would. For almost two weeks Glasgow the Friendly City has become almost a Festival City. There are throngs of smiling people everywhere you look.

Ordinary wee men,women and children have been getting on buses and trains to go and see sports they knew nothing about or just heading into the city centre every day to just soak up the buzz. And there truly has been a buzz. They city is pulsing with joyous energy around every corner and some of the biggest surprises have been found in the smallest corners.

Ladies and gentleman I give you the glorious Fish Plaice Pop Up Kitchen...


In the space of just  three weeks R & G  have transformed this city lane in courtyard  in the courtyard of The Fish Plaice fishmongers in Glasgow Saltmarket into a unique pop up seafood kitchen and bar.

They covered the lane in sail cloth to keep out the elements, built a bar, installed a professional kitchen, built furniture from pallets, begged borrowed and stole every chair they could get their hands on and even painted a unique mural on the wall of the lane.

The place has a truly magical atmosphere, amazing food and even snuggly fleece blankets to put around your knees should the weather go a bit Glasgow, while at night you can even enjoy your fish and chips  listening to some sub club dj's.

It has been rammed day and night since it opened and small wonder. Even Dame Vivienne Westwood couldn't get a table the other night...


Photo 2_11-1


The Fish Plaice  itself has been in Glasgow Cross for 42 years and is a Glasgow Institution!

 Located under the railway bridge on St Andrews Street, it was founded by John Gilmore who was an employee at the old fish market.  John decided to start up on his own. He started the business while still working at the old market, until The Fish Plaice was doing enough to sustain itself. The Fish Plaice has always done all its own filleting, staking, skinning and butchery. Anyone who works there has to become familiar with the anatomy of any fish or game! The shop has had as many as 17 members of staff and currently has 7 staff working on a rotational basis. You can't buy better fish anywhere...

\Picture 2

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I was about to end this post urging you to get  your skates on and pay the Pop Up Kitchen Plaice a vist before it closed on Sunday when I just got a wonderful text telling me they have had their opening extended to the 14th of August.


How wonderful and well deserved, it gives you an extra couple of weeks to get yourself over there.

Trust me, you will be glad you did, it's totally brill

Ok I'll stop now before I try to wedge any more fish puns into one post!

Queen Marie