come for breakfast...

If it's the weekend and you're talking breakfast, let's be honest, with me it's more likely to be a late lunch!

But breakfast means something else entirely to Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna.

In 2010 they created ' Come for Breakfast"  an independent project with a strong and distinctive identity. 

"This is a line for men and women with a very precise poetics. The minimal design goes very well with well-defined silhouettes and ultra-modern takes on personal couture fundamentals. The streetwear backdrop balances out the sporty casual atmosphere with a meticulous definition of every single item, which result into unprecedented and very modern elegance. The careful selection of fabrics and the independent development of silkscreen prints give the knitwear items a distinctive trait. From coats to dresses, from leather jackets to accessories, this research spirit is embodied by the exclusive details and the flawless model structure. These are the distinctive traits of a cosmopolitan approach to fashion, a style landmark resting on versatile combinations and perfect fits, thus drawing unconventional scenarios that transcend fleeting vagues"



They explain the inspiration behind this very youthful playful collection saying - 

"The pages of an old diary, scribbles, the curious staring of children, their way of portraying the world around them; the Comeforbreakfast 2015 Spring/Summer collection is a journey backwards, though without a trace of nostalgia. Childhood is precisely the springboard for the definition of volumes and silhouettes. Notebook drawings turn into graphic patterns, and childhood perception of reality determines colours and textures. "

Styled by Lorenzo Posocco and shot by Lorenzo Dalbosco.


 As I'm running out the door to take my Mother to the Optician, I will keep this brief - a boy with a waist smaller than mine - eughhhhhh.

Queen Marie