sweet as honeyee...


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Just a couple of weeks after I swore I was never buying anything else from Japan ever again ( due to punishing import duties, postage and handling charges) , than Telf goes and sends me a link to  Just Like Honeyee and immediately, I am in danger of instantly forgetting my promise to myself!

I imagine it was only a matter of time before Japanese online and print media, honeyee and its sister site .fatale, started their own online shop -  JUST LIKE HONEYEE.

The sites initial offering includes brands such as PHENOMENONc.eUNDERCOVER, Naissance, TOGA VIRILIS, Mame, Petite Robe Noire, HYKE, and sacai x AMBUSH

It's always interesting to see which brands someone chooses to stock in their online store. Can you image a KOS store?  I'd guess calling it eclectic would be the understatement of the year. We would need to win the lottery to buy all the stock we loved and then we would want to keep lots of it!

Or rather I would want to keep it all, while QMichelle would be sick of the sight of it all after a fortnight!


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There is lots to love here. I am especially loving the MOTHER items and the SACI x AMBUSH bracelet

I can't really picture any guys I know in these but that doesn't diminish their charm one iota...

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YOON, the designer behind jewelry and accessory brand AMBUSH®, proposes new coloring and styles actualized by mixing new material and coloring and pursuing sense of fun. Chitose Abe creates a new standard brought by a combination of elegance and classics. Their first collaborative collection ‘sacai x AMBUSH®’ harmonizes metallic texture and elegant nuance on sporty motifs and expresses the idiosyncratic attractiveness of both designers. The exclusive items for JUST LIKE HONEYEE are the whistle motif necklace with thick chain and the wristband, whose pile fabric is given a border pattern resulting in sporty impression.

I am love love loving the juxtoposition of the sporty wristband with the highly polished mirrored metal plate. Luckily for me, there is a little note on the site saying they can't ship it outside Japan...




And these t shirts from JLH, do indeed give me maximum joy in their minimal italic goodness ( which is in itself strange as I often exhibit a real dislike of italic type)



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