Too Soon For Winter Woolies?

For once in Glasgow it's been properly hot, reaching the heady heights of 22 degrees. For us Scots, that's positively tropical. As always, what to wear in such weather causes mayhem for me as I hate baring my arms or legs and avoid it at all costs. Legs I will force myself to bare as long as the skirt or dress in question is below the knee and I can force myself to bare my arms from the elbow down, if the worst comes to the worst. Ideally though, neither extremity would ever see the light of day.

However, even with my off-kilter approach to summer dressing, I am pushing it talking about winter woolies in summer, and yet that's what I'm about to hit you with.

Textile designer, Hilary Grant, emailed me with her latest AW14 wonderful woolly creations. Ok I know, we are barely into summer and already we are talking winter, but the fact is the winter lookbooks are beginning to fall into our inboxes. Plus, every Scot knows that just because we have had summer weather now does not mean that next week we won't have rain and galeforce winds.


"This collection is more about tapping into the pattern rules of Fairisle, the meter and rhythm of the repeats and mirroring. But I've tried to do something more minimal and abstract with it. Some of the patterns seem really simple close up, but from far away, they look more like a woven fabric or have movement or strobing effect" ~Hilary Grant

So yeah, the sun maight be shining but my head is thinking "beanies!"