bright red...

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A good film evokes emotion.

So a film that made me jump, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and then bring tears to my eyes must surely be a very very good film!




Especially if that film was only 4 minutes long and was about paper!

Yes you read that right - paper.

But not just any paper, we're talking Colorplan from GF Smith.

Even in this increasingly digital age, the mere mention of GF Smith, is enough to provoke an almost pavlovian response amongst creatives. They produce the most wonderful papers in the world. The smell of ink on good uncoated paper is one of my favourite smells in the world and anyone who thinks 'paper is just paper' has obviously never held a 'Softy' swatch, had their paws on a piece of 'Plike' or had a visit from the incomporable Mr Paul Sharf

Since it's introduction in 1972, Colorplan been a stock without equal. Available in a range of 50 colours , 25 embossings and 8 weights,  I'm willing to bet there are very few designers who haven't spec'd colorplan at some stage given the chance to do so...

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It says so much about GF Smith as a company that they would even think to commision a film like this!

'Bright Red'is a film by Ben Stevenson for Colorplan. 

Following the dramatic manufacturing process as it journeys through the mill, we see the transformation of raw pulp into finished sheets of beuatiful paper, capturing the intense and exquisite process that is the creation of 'Bright Red'

Bright Red: 1 of 50 Colours from Colorplan from GFSmith on Vimeo.

 Watch it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about...


 The film was screened at sold out events throughout the UK in May and June to universal acclaim.

You can forget about red carpet glamour, it's all about red colorplan here in The Kingdom...

Queen Marie