Let's talk about Atelier Jen...

Yesterday Queen Michelle wrote a wonderful post about stepping outside your comfort zone.

The lovely Jen from Atelier Jen commented saying

"You'd think that having moved from central London to a village in south west France 10 years ago, nothing would be scary. But for me promoting my work (papier maché jewellery)has always been near impossible. I used to run from situations where I should /could talk about what I do - someone saying to me "they'd help, go and talk to them" would result in a sort of incoherent babble, as if a complete idiot had yaken over my brain! 
Now with the internet - website, blog, its starting to get slightly easier, but I still find it deply embarassing. How daft is that?"

As Michelle replied it's not daft at all but sometimes it's easier for other people to share your work.

So in that spirit, dear readers lets talk about Atelier Jen...




Jen studied for her degree in Printed Textile Design at Winchester College of Art, then worked as a designer in London. She started working in papier maché making life size figures, then trompe l’oeil mirror frames and other decorative objects. Jewellery has become her main focus in the last couple of years.

She exhibited regularly in London and around England and has made many pieces for private commission as well as for television set decoration, shop windows, restaurants and private companies. Since moving to France Jen has had several exhibitions, with her jewellry being sold in shops and galeries.

 Jen explains how she makes her pieces saying -

"I make the jewellery by applying gold, silver, copper or mixed leaf to sheets of paper, adding more layers of paper for rigidity and strength. I then cut out the shapes from my designs. Building up layers of surface pattern and decoration, front and back; giving depth and character to each design. Finally two coats of waterproof varnish are applied."

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Her  wonderful jewellry is priced from only €18 and you can buy it from her etsy shop here or see more of her work on her website here

Queen Marie