Decluttering By Depop

The clothes that sit in my closet, that I don't wear or that don't fit me any more, depress the hell out of me. It's a constant reminder of weight gain, age and the fact I have a tiny flat with no room to keep things!

So it's time to shed them. I have tried ebay and decided it's a world of hurt. Too many nutjobs.

Whilst we feel good about not charging brands money to be featured, it does mean there is no additional money coming in to buy those extra special things. So that leaves me with selling my clothes to raise money.

One of my Twitter chums directed me to Depop. A little app that let's you sell stuff super easily, once you get the hang of it. So far, I've only screwed up one of my sales by accidentally marking the wrong item as sold and having to list it again.

Most of all it's fun as it has the added social aspect to it, so it's almost like selling on Instagram. The people are Depop are super helpful too. 


I have only a few things up just now, but intend on adding lots more over the next week or so. Basically, I'm having a massive wardrobe clear out. There will be a mix of high end and high street, used and new and even some vintage. Look out for some pieces by Martin Margiela, StyleStalker, ACNE, Topshop Unique and Chloe, among others. There will lots of affordable high street too though.

The app itself is so simple to use, requiring less input than the eBay app which I normally use. Hopefully I can get things sold to people who will give them an appreciative new home. I put it live yesterday and already sold 3 things!

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