In thrall to Tata Christiane...

We all go through phases for things in life.

Some are fleeting while others stick around for the long haul. My  every day clothing is almost uniform like - long sleeved t shirts under dresses over black breeks with heaps of scarves on top but Queen Michelle is far more adventurous in her daily outfits. However as she has mentioned recently, she is in a bit of a colour and print slump right now.

As with all good things in life if you don't feel it, you can't force it. But if anyone can reignite even the smallest  flicker of desire  for pattern and print in anyone, then it is surely Tata Christiane...



 Tata Christiane is a fashion and costume label founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois and Hanrigabriel. Combining the theatrics of their work for the theatre and their innovation in fashion design, Tata Christiane creates collections that realise fantasy.

What is brought to the stage is brought to life in a wearable, extravagant fashion. Tata Christiane likes to involve all artistic fields in their work to create multidisciplinary material; to be worn, seen, felt.

 The brand proposes collections with serial and unique pieces and stands with its costume design studio for various cooperations in art performances, theatre, cinema, photography and music.



"Tata Christiane is a vision of the street costume, it proposes an absurd and disturbing vision of beauty, with decline, maladjustment, extravagance and immoderation. It plays with the borders of elegance and bad taste, digging up our old memories, recycling the waste of our civilisation, and becoming a monomania, a machination and a monstruous and sublime piece

The brand develops two collections a year, producing limited serial clothes and uniques pieces. Using hand made and industrial production, the design and the cuts, the materials and the fabrics, follow from the adaptation of poetic museum/costumes/streewear pieces, into a contemporary street costume"

 This may not be everyones but of tea, but you can't deny the exuberence and sheer joi de vivre of these pieces and I love them for that...


Our lives would be a little more colourful in every way, if we all wore a little more street costume...

Queen Marie