a word in your shell like...

Lots of things are breaking around me right now.

Three pairs of sunglasses, two pairs of headphones and my heart!

I accidently sat on my beloved tweed urbanears the other night and now sound is only coming out of one ear. These headphones can stand up to almost everything but not apparently the unexpected weight of my royal arse landing on them from a great height!


So I've been looking at replacements.

I've not come to any decision yet, but I'm 100% sure it won't be these little creatures from Klára Pernicová


Klára is an artist in Prague and she explains her art saying -

 I am interested in art because it has potential to make things get rid of their finality (if possible) in a human point of view. Adults are usually too experienced and they automatically expect everything to be the same as usually. Although an unexperienced person or the one with a different experience could analyse the same thing in a totally different way. I would like to unsettle people in their judgements at least for a little while. Or even to provoke them to an alternative explanation of reality.

I observe the world around me and then I try to explain how I understand it. I do that in a visual way and and I find using video and objects suitable for this purpose. I do not create anything new, I only make a small modification of common things. I look for a definition of each thing and the borders where that thing is still what it really is (although it already looks somehow different).




You can buy a whole range of unsettling items from her online design store including these snail and slug headphones for $56.00

I can honestly say you couldn't pay me enough money in the world to have these anywhere my ears. I would be having nightmares for weeks. That would be if I could even close my eyes at thought of them crawling into my ears!


Queen Marie