mo mo mo...

The calendar tells me it's June.

That means it's summertime

Summertime my arse!

You would never  know that living here in Central Scotland.  Queen Michelle has just bought a new leather jacket, while the constant rain, wind and grey skies have flattened almost everything in my garden before it has even had a chance to grow. My lawn even looks like it has it's own moat...


 What I wouldn't give to head for the sunshine and the sand dunes used by MoHeap to shoot the lookbook for their MöHeap Summer 2014 collection 

MöHeap is a parallel project of Mödernaked; handcrafted bags and backpacks made in Spain inspired by the mediterranean lifestyle and the colors and sensations of their surroundings.

At only €50,these bags would be perfect for all your summer adventures. Festivals, day trips even just every day errands would be made more special carrying one of these.

Following their line of collaborations with young, female photographers such as Charlene Bagcal and Berta Pfirsh, the MöHeap Summer 2014 lookbook, was shot by Portuguese fashion photographer Filipa Alves. The shooting was done in the midst of dunes nearby the beach, a perfect scenario that highlights the gorgeous flower prints of their backpacks by Oporto-based  photographer Filipa Alves





I adore Alves work.

I  especially love the way she seems to capture the very spirt of her subjects.




Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to put a jumper on. If you see some sunshine and blue skies please send some our way.

We really need them...

Queen Marie