Eleve To New Heights

My quest for the perfect leotard is, apparently, going to be a long term one. Ballet leotards simply aren't designed for women with breasts. 

I currently wear the same Wear Moi leotard in 4 different colours, having pretty much relegated all my other leotards to the bin - leotards which either give me too much cleavage; make my back fat seems twice as much; cut into my ass so much as to make me look like I have 4 butt cheeks or reveals too much of my back (I have adult acne that appears mostly on my back). The Wear Moi ones, though high cut at the front, are a little too soft to fully support my breasts, therefore jiggle is a major issue.

However, on my leotard travels I came across Eleve Dancewear. A similar idea you Yumiko leotards, Eleve allow you to customise your leo to your own specifications. Whilst they won't necessarily solve my own issues, I was none the less really drawn to how beautiful they were. They use fun printed fabrics that will certainly make you stand out in the studio.

2_434_2527400207_rendinafront__44385.1375468325.960.1280 4.5Catherinefront_DSC6695__43193.1292116304.960.1280_KMJ6113_Amber_front_crop__87015.1392097119.960.12808Breanne_Front__39181.1277441069.960.1280Sally_frontDSC97212__89732.1277522264.960.1280117Amber_frontDSC9584__48616.1276984085.960.12805
The leotards did make me hit upon idea however. Looking at them I was immediately reminded of swimsuits. Lightbulb moment  - why not just buy a swimsuit? So I did.

Swimsuits tend to come in specific sizes rather than the generic small, medium or large. They also also accomodate all shapes and sizes of bodies. I ended up buying  a very simple Speedo swimsuit, with good bust support, to begin with. If that works out, then I shall most definitely explore that route further.