waiter, there's a woman in my soup...

When you think of blue and white patterned china, you may think of tea sets or like me the cereal bowl you tip your cornflakes into every morning...



But once you've looked at the work of artist Kim Joon, I doubt you will ever look at it the same way again...

Drunken Royal Copenhagen


 Kim Joon was born and is still based  in Seoul, Korea,where he explores themes of desire, memory and youth using porcelain as his digital medium.

He fabricates compositions out of tableware, fragments of idealized nudes, and icons of Western pop culture, including guitars, cars and guns.

Continuing his mastery of the computer software 3D Studio Max, Kim coats the white backgrounds and surfaces of objects with pop-culture imagery. He successfully juxtaposes old and new, traditional Asian motifs and new media.

His 2012 adaptation of blue and white Chinese porcelain ware design is at once an ode to, and a criticism of, the eminence of Asia as a rising financial, political and cultural power. Dating back to as early as the 9th century, the techniques of hand-painted pottery had fully evolved toward, and were cultivated for, mass-production, by the 14th century.

At the height of the Industrial Age, this ‘fragile’ creation had manifested itself into the most imitable of Orientalia from Iznik to Delft and Staffordshire. Joon’s deceptively decorative images make us realise just how little things have changed...

But I doubt any of them ever imagined Jimmy Page looking at from them on blue and white porcelain!

Blue Jeans Led Zepplin


Blue Jeans Rebel without a cause


Drunken Gone with the wind




Romeo and Juliet


I'm willing to bet, like me, you're never going to look at your breakfast table ware quite the same way again...

Queen Marie