the beauty of imperfection...

Can anything ever be too perfect?

Until recently that question had never crossed my mind. 

But in the last month or two, The Kingdom inbox has been inundated with with emails about selfie filters and frame editors all designed to make any image look beautiful and blemish free.  Promoting "beautification" and promising  to  "eliminate imperfections" and make any image look "better than reality" 

I don't know about you but I don't want to live in a world that fails to treasure imperfections and the unique!

Thank goodness, neither do emerging label D.Efect who emailed us this week asking -

"why fashion is so obssesed with perfection,when, in reality, what make things beautiful are irregularities, oddities and feeling of something unique?"

Amen to that! 

They have  filmed a string of imperfect things and people for their latest collection and called it

 The beauty of imperfection...


 D.Efect creative director Egle Ziemyte loved irregularities, errors and contradictions from early on – while studying costume design, working as a part time model, a stylist and as a fashion editor for a lifestyle magazine.

Separating “D” from “Defect” she created a double meaning to the brand name – in her designs she strives for the effect of the defect.

 “My collections are sculpture like, full of contrasts, oversized forms, male silhouettes adapted to female forms. I started using mainly subdued colors mixed with a few brighter ones. I love to contrast classic fabrics with innovative, interesting, outstanding ones. Adding unconventional elements or picking the details which are slightly outlandish”, explains Egle.

The D.Efect brand is based on the notion of the beauty of imperfection, of wondering and being struck by things which are beautiful, but have soul, designs which are strict, clear, geometrical, but have lively ambience to them. D.Efect is a contemporary luxury clothing brand for women who can stand out by their sheer personality and who despise uniforms.

Sounds like a perfect fit for our discerning KOS readers...

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I've been especially smitten with  their outerwear.

This stunning yellow coat would brighten even the dullest, wettest Scottish spring day...

 Xara overcoat €485

Picture 7

Queen Marie