Losing My Ballet Mojo


It's almost sacreligious to even admit this, but I've just not been all that into my ballet of late. I've skipped more than a few classes, which is unheard of for me. Generally I have found myself at the stage where I'm rather stagnant. I'm neither progressing nor getting worse. I'm just...nothing.

This is the natural ebb and flow of ballet and usually I see times like this as downtime, time to just really focus on the artistry and refining the bits I know I'm bad at. But lately that just hasn't been enough for me.

I think in part the repetition of the music is aiding my lack of inspiration. Doing our exercises to the exact same music every week for the last 4 years is less than inspiring. Luckily, our pointe teacher does make a great effort to change her music each class and it really does reinvigorate your dancing and make the class exciting. Music is the key to dance, so when that part sucks, it makes the rest suck too.

I also think I'm annoyed that I've been trying to get my side splits for a year and still nothing. I fear my legs just won't allow me to ever achieve them. I hate when my body fails me.

There was a little ray of light on Monday's pointe class though. It was only my friend and I who showed up but it was the first class in ages I've truly enjoyed. Our teacher, Constance, had us focusing on big leaps. It was amazing fun as jumps are my favourite thing and we were exhausted afterwards, but it felt really good.

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch and my ballet mojo will come back to me.