Just what the doctor ordered...


Never underestimate the power of a good Saturday night!

A good Saturday night spent laughing and dancing with friends can set you up for the week ahead and all the challenges and trials it may hold.

Tonight sees the return to the Sub of one of our dear friends and one of the best dj's on the whole gosh darm planet. - Mr Chris Duckenfield to celebrate 20 years of subculture!

With impeccable musical taste and one of the nicest  guys you could hope to meet, you don't want to miss him tonight. 

Sadly Queen Michelle and Prince B will be in Aberdeeen to see The Duchess and having booked their tickets weeks ago, can't change them now. 

Although we will have wonderful night it would have been even better with them at the side of the dj box...


 Have a listen here and hear for yourself what makes him just so special!

Queen Marie