sounds like a plan...

Gplan that is.

I love Gplan furniture. As I type this I'm looking at my own 1950's Gplan sideboard which I have been looking at my whole life!

It belonged to my grandmother and after she died it came to live at my Mum and Dads house. When I moved out and bought my first flat it was the only thing I wanted to take with me. My parents were happy to see it go. Over the years, everyhwere I have gone my Gplan sideboard has come with me. Much to the puzzlement of my Father who urged me to "throw that hellish thing away" every time I did. Which I never ever could!

I wouldn't go so far as to say that furniture has feelings but ...

I think that's why I love humblesticks so much. They give furniture a new lease of life and send it off to happy new homes where it will be treasured (hopefully forever)

Just look at this wonderful Rainy Day Sideboard 

Rainy Day Sideboard £895.00


Beautiful early 50's G Plan sideboard in light oak veneer, left bare and lightly oiled on the top surface, sides and handles. The cupboard doors and drawer front are scattered with hand stencilled raindrops against a pale green / blue, whilst the interior is painted a gorgeous deep velvet teal. 


 Both cupboard spaces contain a gently curving shelf, whilst the drawer is neatly divided in three. There is a small area of darkening on the top surface and a minor 1cm nick out of the top edge towards the back which they have filled (photos available on request), but, apart from this, the piece is in remarkable condition for its age.


Who couldn't fail to love the golden glow of the oak against the soft blue tones and the woodgrain through the raindrops. 

My sideboard is a plain jane compared to this piece but I don't think I could bring myself to paint it.

I'll leave that to Princess Laura who will hopefully love it one day as much as me...

Queen Marie