Cabbages & Roses

Queen Marie and I both have 'inner hippies' that we frequently connect with. Queen Marie's inner hippie makes her lust after beads and leather wrist adornments, whilst mine wants me to waft around in long Walton-esque white dresses and bloomers. I sailed that ship in the early 90's, bloomers and all, but somehow 20 years down the line I still have the urge, especially when summer is creeping upon us.

When I was sent the lookbook of the latest Cabbages & Roses collection, my inner hippie was thrilled. She wants me to wear the long flowing dresses and drape myself in the loose, floaty shapes and pretend I'm in the Virgin Suicides. Standing looking wistful on porches optional.

Who the hell am I to argue with the inner hippie?

The overarching theme for this collection is care-free and easy. Delicately crumpled cottons, natural hued linens, floor length tulle petticoats and ditzy florals have an air of vintage Laura Ashley with a nod to grunge and a dash of Parisian chic.

Hil land Aubrey 5398-S1-0005 copy Hill and Aubrey 5359-S1-0030 copyHill Na Aubrey 5401-S1-0004 copy Hill and Aubrey 5400-S1-0004 copyOf course, wearing a full length white dress might could be miscontrued as wandering around in one's nightie, albeit a somewhat colonnial nightie. On reflection, that's probably exactly how I looked in the 90's. Now I know why people kept asking me if I was lost....