Termitey Good!

I recently got an email from sunglasses brand Termite Eyewear, telling me about their label and new collections.

The London-based brand primarily focus on the round frame, which I personally am a massive fan of. However, I am slowly but surely beginning to think that maybe I just don't suit round frames, as much as I love them. My angular face seems very much at odds with the softness of a round frame. This is rather devastating news, given how many pairs of round sunglasses I actually own. Say it ain't so Face, say it ain't so! I haven't even had the chance to wear my Craig & Karl glasses yet! I did come to this ephinany at the weekend when I was loaded with a cold, so it might very well be the snot talking.

If it turned out I do suit round frames - I just don't know now, I've been thrown a thought curve ball -  then I can most certainly see me adding some Termite to my collection, particularly the half frames.

Termite Eyewear was founded originally in the summer of 2012 by Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams, now both womenswear design graduates of Ravensbourne University in London.

All pieces are laser cut and then hand worked, using materials that are responsibly sourced from independent reclaimed / recycled wood organisations.

The Base collection

Half Frames - £140

Slideshow_1 BASEhalfRAWblackFRONT_1024x1024BASEhalfOAKlilacFRONT_1024x1024BASEhalfEBONYblackFRONT_1024x1024

Full Frames / £120

Slideshow_3 BASEfullEBONYblackFRONT_1024x1024BASEfullRAWblackFRONT_1024x1024BASEfullEBONYlilacFRONT_1024x1024BASEfullROSEblue_gradFRONT_1024x1024

Their newest collections are the Metro and the Barber and are by far my favourite from the label so far.

The Metro collection takes inspiration from the iconic London tube map and sees sunglasses in the bright primary colours reminscent of the tube line colours on the map - colours which are a god-send to us tourists! The abstract Birchwood frames are highly glossed but feature raw layered edges.

The Barber collection draws on ideas of ‘Old English’ heritage through the rich interiors inspired colour ways and textures. 

Photo 5PhotoIMG_5106 IMG_9542
Courtesy of Assylum 33

They held a launch event earlier in the week in London, so obviously I was unable to go, but it would have been great to experience the glasses in real life.

Now, I need to go home and try on all my round glasses and pester Princer B for an honest opinion. And by honest I mean totally lying, "Yes baby, you truly do suit those round glasses. It's quite uncanny how much."