a welome embrace...

So it seems like Princess Laura has inherited my love of chairs.

On Sunday she and my mum were keen to point me in the direction of this one...


 This is The Arms Chair by Ukranian designer Oleksandr Shestakovych which is “always ready to welcome you in its embrace

This wonderful anthropomorphic seat has tiny hands attached to its arms that extend outstretched like a special little friend waiting for a hug.

My Mother has been searching for a chair for the hall for the longest while and now seems to have her heart set on this one. I fear that could prove problematic as I can't seem to find if it has ever gone into production!

For me, the chair more than any other piece of furniture always seems to lend itself to whimsical interpretations. You can create a chair with real character and personality even using the most prosaic of materials. Technology has now caught up with furniture designers imaginations to create 

Playing with simple shapes, vivid colours and even the name of the chair, Oleksander has reached a new level of design with the three elements united to shape a unique object.

This happy little seat even has soft round edges that invite you to sit down and have cuddle and I don't know about you but I am always open to one of those...



Queen Marie