boys, bangles and beads...



This is going to be short and sweet today people.

Which is the exact opposite of how I'm feeling.

 I've had a sore neck for about a fortnight and tonight it has totally seized up. The painkillers are just not cutting it. I would sell my granmother for a pair of those gravity boots that you can hang upside down in. Maybe those would help, 'cause nothing else is.

But I digress, let's talk  boys, bangles and beads.

I like a boy in a bangle. I don't know why this is exactly. I blame my inner hippy.

This thought ocurred to me again the other night when I was over at the lovely ByJodi  looking at this leather and pearl wrap bracelet again. Yes I know I couldn't possibly get another item on my wrists but no! I can't stop looking at it...



Blue Silver Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet   $97.00

Jodie loves gemstones - Stones, stones and more stones! I am addicted. Nothing makes my head spin quite as much as that rare gemstone find. I search relentlessly for unique stones, of the highest quality, from all corners of the world. In my shop you will find Sonoran Nacozari turquoise, Brazilian pyrite, Russian seraphinite, Peruvian opal, and many, many other “finds” that I hope will bring you as much pleasure as they bring me. 

 But as I say, what I'm most smitten with are those bangles and beads for the boys. Distressed leather and wonderfully dull gleaming hematite with chunky silver beads, I would happily see any of the chaps I know in some of these...



 Queen Marie