Imagine that...


 What is your job title?

Do you like it?

Would you change it if you could?

In the studio, LA the Third occasionaly likes to refer to himself as an Imagineer or a Visioneer.  He  says this while adopting a heroic stance and a thousand yard stare upwards towards the heavens!

He is of course taking the piss but if he reads this post, I predict he will be most excited by what follows next




London-based graphic designer Anton Burmistrov has an "Imaginarium" in his workplace - a creative space “where ideas are born, where artists could come and dream about impossible things”,

Anton explains -

Within the creative agency is a cosy, creative space with dark walls and a glass door. The space has soft sofas and shelves full of design and advertising books. This room is the Imaginarium. 

I was asked to design the signature for the front glass door as to brighten up the room and inspire its visitors. The style of 19th century typography was my main inspiration. The idea was to treat the sign with the vintage style and decorate it with modern ornaments.

 He has created an incredibly detailed and ravishing sign inspired by 19th century typography. The striking ornamental sign features beautiful, elegant flourishes and gorgeously complex details that unfold as you gaze at it. ...





Here at work, we don't have an Imaginarium, we have more of a wardrobe. An actual wardrobe!

Our studio is in a converted cottage, so all of our books and inspiration material is kept in this big wardrobe...


Maybe that's why my creativity has been lacking of late.

I need a dedicated imaginarium...

Queen Marie