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When it comes to a darker aethestic in life and on the blog, Queen Michelle is your bus.

But even I could not resist the lure of Zarah Voigt

I was unfamiliar with her work although I think Queen Michelle caught one of her showcases in London a while ago.

The stunning images she puts together to display her work are like set tableaus for a still life by Goya 

Which is perhaps not so surprising given her background.

Born in Copnhagen, Zarah was educated as a Theatre Set- and Haute Couture-Designer by her father the well-known multi-artist Jean Voigt. She went on to study Fine Arts at SLADE University College of London, then worked as a stage set and costume designer for theatre plays and as a stylist for more than 30 music videos and jewelry stylist for runway shows.

Voigt´s designs reflect her experience in theatre and fashion. With its flawless, expertly executed form and refined expression, . The jewellery´s décor, although always striking and dramatic, never overshadows its strict, significant, geometric shapes.

She seamlessly fuses drama and refinement to create elegant pieces that channel her latest inspirations, resulting in a range that includes architectural silhouettes reminiscent of skyscrapers and skylines as well as Japanese Origami- and Samurai-inspired geometric works. Splintered diamonds, noble metals, sinister silver shadows and black oxide rays play up Voigt´s signature high, elegant drama - always with a unique, clean-cut finish.

I love her work but I would be fibbing if I said I wasn't a little squeamish at all the bugs....

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