Kiss And Makeup

It seems for me now, Fridays on the blog is where I talk girly shit. But let's go with it. Today, I talk makeup. Next week - tampons (I jest of course).

I have a love hate relationship with makeup. When wearing it I can reach the giddy heights of looking plain, but without I'm so plain as to be damn near invisible!

In truth, my oily skin pretty much dictates how much makeup I can actually wear, which is not very much since it slides off my face in mere minutes. I only recently was able to even entertain eyeshadow thanks to Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer, which does stop my eyelids from getting oily but the downside is it makes blending shadow near impossible. Generally, my makeup consists of black liquid eyeliner, brown shadow with bright fuschia layered on top under my eye, mascara, concealer and foundation where I need it. My cheekbones are high and prominent so blusher looks utterly absurd on me since I don't really have cheek 'apples' to put it on. Some lipsticks look OK on me but I find it wears off too quickly and I can't ever be bothered reapplying.

If I was 20 years younger however I would be delighting in all the marvelous makeup there is out there. In my 20's I only ever wore black eyeliner due to the nature of being a goth. I didn't experiment with colour, much to my regret now. I had nice skin then too, which would have been ideal for interesting makeup looks.

On my Pinterest I have a board called Beauty School Dropout which features many of my favourite makeup and beauty looks, focusing quite a lot on the eyes.





Most of these looks are not really doable for someone my age due to them relying on the wearer not having any kind of wrinkles, but I have been doing a modified version of a couple of them with varying degrees of success. I have few nights out coming up soon, so I think I'm going to experiment with a few more, such as the second last one with the dark purple. I might end up look smokey eyed, I might end looking like I have two black eyes. It could go either way...