we're having chips for tea...

Despite my lifelong non engagement with the vegetable world, there is one member of the community that I am very familar with!

The humble potato.

Boiled, mashed and chipped I do love me a tattie. In fact I could probably live on mashed potatos. So deep is my love of the humble spud, that AC calls me Bartlett ( after Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatos). It always make me laugh because it soounds like a 1920's Lady Detective - Miss Bartlett!

In fact I'm now wracking my brain trying to remember was there a character in the Merchant Ivory film, Room with a View called Miss Bartlett. It may have been a younger Maggie Smith.  I shall have to check with the googles after this post.

It goes without saying that I love chips too but not as much as my brother. So I couldn't not give him the McCains "Chip" jumper. The jumper which features in their tv commercials is now being sold for a limited period in conjunction with Primark for £12. 


However in the spirit of "do as I say, don't do as I do" my brother and I would not wish to encourage his lovely daughters Princess Laura and  Jenny  to follow our example and eat chips.

So to ensure that we promote more healthy choices, I have replaced my head with a pineapple!



Holy crap, look  at the nick of me! My complexion is dog rough. I need to get moisturising pronto.

And as for my hair, good grief, I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards...


Queen Bartlett