Acne Meets Klint

Acne really seems to be one of those rare labels which many different kinds of women appreciate. It's Scandanavian design sensibilities traverse age and style with women old and young, plain and creative all clambering to get a piece of the Acne action. I only have a pair of jeans and shoes by the label, but have certainly coveted more beyond that. The ££££ Velocite jacket from last season became as almost as ubiquitous as that Beta Double sweatshirt, which was pretty much everywhere. It's proof positive that it's truly a label for everyone.

The Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2014 collection reveals creative director Jonny Johansson’s interpretation of the Swedish abstract artist Hilma af Klint. Based on af Klint’s original paintings from the early 20th century, Johansson has created a ready-to-wear collection filled with beauty, inspired by this relatively little known artist.

Acne_1 Moderna_HilmaAfKlint_F_AlbinDahlströmK1_Sto Acne_8 Acne_2 Hak0422-web Acne_3 Tumblr_mopz2v1HJF1qghk7bo1_1280 Acne_4 Acne_6 Acne_5 Hilma_af_Klint_Svanen Acne_7

He says of the collection; “The colors and the depth and beauty of Hilma af Klint’s universe will strike anyone who spends time with her art. Her story as a forgotten artist, who is suddenly being considered as one of the pioneers within abstract art, is dazzling. I feel very honored that the Hilma af Klint foundation gave me the freedom to create a small collection based on some of her most important work.

If I get the chance to see any of this in person, then I most certainly could be convinced to get either the beautiful Beta Hilma sweater or the Bird sweater featuring the black and white swans. Decisions, decisions....