shoes for a seventies miss...

So many shoes, so little time.

As I said yesterday, all I can think about right now is shoes and sandals. The joy and the curse of the the ol' interweb is that you realise just how many brands are out there that you have never heard of or even seen.

So it's always handy when lookbooks pop into The Kingdom inbox ( thank you Madeline!) alerting us to labels we may not have heard of.

Chie Mihara is one of those. I'm sure she may be familiar to many of you but I confess she was new to me.


Chie Mihara is a Japanese born footwear designer who grew up in Brazil with a design stint in New York.Her multicultural background truly reflects her quirky and eclectic style. For SS14, she draws inspiration from vintage influences ranging from 1930s femininity to 1980s humour ( but to me, many of these shoes scream 1970's) Chie Mihara is stocked among others at LIberty, Selfridges, Galleries Lafayette, Bergdorf Goodman and Isetan.

These shoes are such fun and happy go lucky.

They look exaclty like the shoes a fashionable miss would wear in the seventies while listening to some Marc Bolan...



 While I love the happy go lucky elements of these sandals and shoes, I can't really see me wearing them every day. I'd struggle even with that chunky heel. But what I would happily wear would be these sandals below.

I love love love these...

WOSSA Masai Nude Maisa Negro 190 from here


Picture 1

Picture 3

They really reminded me of the kind of sandals I wore as a teenager. Everyone wore them. We called them Jesus sandals but I have no idea why. Even The Kingdom Archivist aka Grande Empresse Gillian drew a blank when I asked her. "That's just what everyone called them" she said.

Picture 2

 I would be delighted to walk in the footsteps of Our Lord in these...

Queen Marie