Forever And Ever Rêve

Oh pattern, how I love you. Whilst as I type this I am clad in a floor length Simon Preen sheer black dress, colour none the less makes me happiest. Oddly, when it comes to wearing black I tend to wear it most come the summer months and with the sunshine shining as I write this piece it felt correct to pull on this racy black dress.

I was recently introducing to the work of London based label Ever Rêve and their fantastically patterned clothing.

The Ever Rêve signature of repetitive and vivid patterns are made up of broken and dissected geometric patterns, which infuses them the fluidity and unpredictability of watercolour paintings.

Soft blended silks effectively juxstapose wool to great effect

For the Autumn Winter 2014 collection, creative director Michelle Urvall Nyrén explains that she was "influenced by Japanese dyeing methods and age-old traditions. The use of shibori tie-dye, for example, is a reference to her personal family’s textile history and nods to the imperfect repetition in the patterns used. Urvall Nyrén also found inspiration in paintings and drawings by the German/Swiss artist Paul Klee, taking the aspects of symmetrical, divisions and use of colour, particularly seen in the artist’s time at the art school Bauhaus".

This is the fourth collection from the brand and contains hand dyed, painted pieces and garments all digitally printed in the UK.

Ev7 Ev1Ev2Ev3Ev6Ev4Ev5__________________________________________________________________________________________________

The city’s contours at the horizon, fading to the beat from the train. A long pause, nothing, just soil and bushes. Suddenly they appear, the pre-historic creatures of steel, bent over the burnt fields, their backs broken. Pumping up the black remains from their ancestors, providing energy and destruction to the world of the living.


Michelle Urvall Nyren graduated from textile-garment-design from Steneby, Gotheburg University of Arts and Craft 2010, she has worked as a freelance illustrator for Amelia’s magazine, Cellardoor magazine, Gabby Young and Rodeo Massacre.