Wear Your Greens

Unlike Queen Marie, I love my veggies. I was the weird kid who liked the brussel sprouts and shunned the chicken at Christmas dinner. A big plate of nice, juicy veggies tastes and, as it turns out, looks good too. More specifically, it looks good on your clothing and Australian brand Gorman seem to think so too because they have included a print of a plethora of awesome veggies within their super cheery AW14 collection.

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Most Australians will be au fait with Gorman, which began in Melbourne in 1999 by designer Lisa Gorman, but the brand is not so well known over here. The brand have a strong sustainability ethos and use a selection of sustainable fibres and materials, such as organic cotton, tencel, recycled polyester, non-mulesed merino, recycled cotton fibre, and raw rattan linen. In stores they operate a  'no bag thanks' policy, which means that if you say no to a shopping bag, Gorman will plant one tree for every three customers who say 'no bag thanks'. These are small changes which will overall make a big difference to our planet. 

Sadly, very often organic lines of clothing seem to sacrifice design and style for sustainability and porridge coloured linen trousers rarely get me excited, so for a brand like Gorman to create such fun, quirky and fashion conscious creations, which are also planet conscious, is most definitely a big step forward.