say hello to spuffins...


 Grande Empresse Gillian and I share a great love of words and of cakes.

Last night she presented me with a new one of each -


 The Spuffin she explained is spongier than a muffin and muffinier than a sponge cake. 

They were based on a cloud cake she had made the other week, whose sponge base was not up to her own high standards. So she tweaked it and added some delicious blackcurrent jam for added yum.

Spuffin 3

Spuffin 2

She then explained she had settled on spuffin after rejecting spoffin because it sounded too much like boffin.

This made me laugh so hard, it almost stopped me tasting my cake. I say almost because nothing stops me eating cake. Nothing.

Spuffin 4

 Although as I munched my delicious baked goods, it dawned on me that she is a bit of a boffin herself with her penchant for inventing new cakes.

Although perhaps she would prefer a grander title like 'Cake Scientist' as befits a Grande Empresse.

Okay someone stick the kettle on. Who needs a cronut when there's a spuffin to be enjoyed...

Queen Marie


Queen Marie