True North

There are many designers who's lookbooks I really look forward to receiving each season. One such designer is the lovely Danielle Foster. I've featured her here pretty much every season, watching her work develop and grow, as she develops and grows as a designer. Each season her accessories become more defined, refined and desirable and her AW14 collection continues on that trajectory.

Her bags this season are a continuation of the last. With fashion being as ephemeral as it is, it becomes almost soothing when a designer produces consistency and reliability each season. No U-turns, no flighty diversions into trends, just work that you know is good and that fits your wardrobe season after season. 

Whilst trends make the fashion merry-go-round actually go round, it's the stalwarts, those labels who have strongly defined themselves from day one, that make fashion something to collect, love and keep for a long time and Danielle Foster is clearly a woman with a long term plan. Since the label's beginnings in 2012, she has stuck to the plan to make beautiful, elegent leather accessories which simply don't bend and sway with the fashion wind.

This season we see muted, neutral tones of tan, navy and white complimenting the sharp silhouettes of her bags. The leather is stark and smooth or textured with crocodile embossing to add elements of texture here and there.


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