Heritage and Harlequin...

What a capricious organ the heart is.

Just when you think you have it under control, it breaks free and once again you find yourself having to indulge it saying - "ah well, the heart wants what the heart wants"

Even if what it wants is basically a plastic clutch bag!!!!!

 I have always had a deer/bambi weakness but even I have been suffering from severe 'antler fatique' for the last few years. I even started to wonder if I was truly over them. But I should have known better. ( I blame Queen Michelle and her wonderful cover artwork for The Vision for lighting the flame under my antlers again...)

On Saturday night I came across Heritage and Harlequin over at the lovely Lisa Angel and was instantly smitten.

As you all know I don't use a bag or a purse ( that's why God invented pockets)  Despite my annual declaration of intent to start using all the lovely bags I buy , I never do. *sigh*

But there is something so deeply charming about these bags. The illustrations, the proportions, the colours of the bags themselves not to mention the price! Purses are only £24.50 and the bags are less than £40! Most importantly of all they put a smile on my face. You could not be sad carrying a bag like this...






On Saturday afternoon I went to visit Queen Michelle, her Bao Bao bag and of course her glorious new Dusturbance coats.

While I was there she showed me of a photograph of an oil painting ( a very accomplished painting) of a horse she had made for her Auntie when she was only 15. The illustrations on this bag are a dead ringer for it!



Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to sit on my hands for the next half hour, to try and stop myself from buying a greeen clutch bag that I would never carry...

 Queen Marie