the mirror cracked...

Oh what a week I'm having!

They say that bad things come in threes, so I'm hoping that last night's adventure will complete my triumvirate of mishaps.

On Tuesday, you may remember I set alarms off with my security tag tail, on Wednesday I got told I needed new gutters and expensive repairs to my roof, then to top it all off, on Thursday night, I tripped over my own feet, lost my balance and banged my head against the mirror which promptly cracked!

Here's hoping that it doesn't bring any bad luck and my accidents are over for a little while.

Happily though, looking at my mirror reminded me to show you the wonderful work of New York based photographer  Bing Wright and his series called  Broken Mirror / Evening Sky , 2012

He experiments with a recurring pattern: large photographs of sunsets seen through the distorting prism of a broken mirror. Each fragment of the mirror seems to contain a different color of the exploding sky, breaking down the spectrum of light and giving the appearance of relief to these two-dimensional sculptures. 

Romance is not normally a word I would associate with broken mirrors, yet that is exactly what these shots exude. They speak to me of  warm tropical nights and waking up somehwere far away and looking out of windows at unfamiliar skies. For some reason they remind me of the skies in Key West after a storm...



 You can buy some of his artwork here over at the wonderful artmart. 

Picture 7

Picture 8

Have a wonderful accident free weekend everyone.

Fingers crossed, I'll see you all on Monday

Queen Marie


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