divide and conquer...

 When I was in my early 20's (which today, feels like fifty years ago at least!!!!) I had a pair of wide black satin culottes which I adored.

In my poor deluded head, when I wore them, I tried to channel a young Katherine Hepburn.

Insanity in every way, as I was and still am, the least athletic and lithe creature on the planet , unlike Ms Hepburn who set her own personal style on and off screen by wearing pants and bringing sportswear  into the everyday fashion arena for women . Her basic Kate Hepburn look was made up of  wide legged pants or divided skirts (culottes), a button down shirt with tailored jacket and a chic pair of loafers...



Having a prowl around farfetch last week ( which should be avoided when one is feeling poor) I came across these Paper ones which brought my precious culottes back to  mind.

Despite threatening to, season after season, proper 'full on' culottes never seem to break through and cross over to the high street. despite recent outbreaks of 'skorts! I've no doubt that in some small part, this is because, when done badly, they can seem to use acres of cheap fabric which make you look the size of a bus

What is so wonderful about these ( the sculptural shape) is probably also their biggest challenge...

PAPER LONDON  'Adamello' culotte Were £265.00   Now £212.00




If you were thinking about road testing some culottes this coming spring, you could try this pair from topshop for a more reasonable £50!

36H12FNAV_4_largeOr maybe even just a more slouchy pair from asos for £40!


It's pretty safe to say though, that even if they do break out, my culotte days are long gone.

These days I feel more like Spencer Tracey than Katherine Hepburn...

Queen Marie