Meet Yumiko

As I've said probably countless times now, the hunt for the perfect leotard for ballet class seems an endless one. One which looks good, gives bust support and doesn't cause the dreaded 'double bum' effect.

A few readers over various posts, who have similarly been trying to find good leotards, made recommendations about leotards which they've found which work for them thus far. One such recommendation was Yumiko leotards. My apologies as I can't remember exactly who it was who pointed me in the direction of these but I thank them kindly for doing so...

Yumiko leotards

Yumiko create custom leotards and the choice is vast. You have a great many models to choose from as the basis of your leotard. Once you pick your basic leotard shape - I've as yet been unable to settle on a shape, as I love them all - you then begin to 'build' your ideal leotard. You get to select the fabric, sleeve types in some models, the trim and body colours, the leg type from a choice of 2 and the type of inside lining you'd like.

Yumiko leotards2

For anyone who is very picky or having trouble finding the best leotard for them, I am going to have a guess and say this seems like the answer.

The leotards work out to be quite expensive certainly, but if it's the difference between finding the perfect one and not, I definitely suggest giving this a try. I'm been trying to make a decision on mine for weeks now. The Tiffany, shown above, or the Becky are probably best for my boobs, but my heart really wants the Tamara.

Having said all that, I have found marginal success with a Wear Moi model which I picked up on sale for £15. So much so I bought 3 in different colours. I still have to wear an additional bra underneath but the neckline is high enough to cover my cleavage and the legs don't cut into me the way most leotards do. Many Wear Moi models come in a decent selection of colours too. These shall do until I finally make my Yumiko decision.