in a bind...

Oh I do love a special notebook.

But when it comes to notebooks and journals I often find myself in a bit of bind.

Obviously they are essential to help me keep note of all the things that I may want to blog about but the more special they are, the more I love them and as a result  the less I can bring myself to use them. 

But the work of the very talented Michelle Skiba could maybe help me break that pattern

Her etsy store Three Trees Bindery is filled with treasures all handmade with care and love.


These books are so beautiful that to hold them and use them every day would be a total pleasure and delight ( although it goes without saying that I would perhaps need a small lottery win first!!!)

birch bark mini journal - small wood book book handmade - rustic journal $65.00

Materials: wood, tree bark, waxed linen thread, paint, paper, love, oak, birch bark

The covers of this sturdy wood journal have been distressed in layers of black. The front cover is covered with a layer of white birch tree bark. It measures approximately 5 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide and is 2 inches thick. It has 144 hand torn pages (counting front & back) of medium weight acid free drawing paper perfect for writing or sketching or holding your memories. 

 The binding, complete with headbands is sewn in black waxed linen thread. This binding will allow the journal to lie flat when open 



 Mini Birch Journal $50.00



MIchelle explains her love of making and binding books saying- 

"For me, the making of a blank book is only the beginning of the creative process. I am one thread in the fabric that will continue to unfold as the books fall into the hands and lives of others. And I love that idea. With other art forms I have participated in, the act of creation seems quite finished when I am decidedly done. People can view your completed work of art, and in this way participate and bring their own meaning to the work. But books invite and truly demand the viewer to participate in the continuing expansion of the art. I love that my work will be filled with your astounding words and pictures. And then other people will step in to view and again participate in a constantly expanding creative process"





Yes some of her custom order books are more expensive but when you consider the time and effort that goes into creating each unique piece it all makes perfect sense. For the very special occasions in your life, one of these will help to remember it, in a very special way...

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Queen Marie