in the basket...

 Well, here we are, it's only the start of February and I'm going to talk about picnic baskets!

Don't panic I'm not actually talking about going outside and using an actual basket, I'm talking about picnic baskets as inspiration.

In fact one very particular picnic basket, this one below.

 This is my precious multicoloured plastic basket which I bought last year because on some level, it struck me like a crazy version of a big Bottega Venetta basket.

I know they would be horrified at such a vulgar and gauche comparison...



I wonder if Roksanda Ilincic would be similary upset.

I say this because, the minute I saw her glorious Black and Yellow coat in this month vogue, it immediately made me think of my picnic basket again.


My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this coat...


Luckily for both me and my bank manager, I know very litte else about it. I know not how much it costs or where to buy it, which is all for the best because if I knew anything else about it, I would be attempting to justify its purchase, this very minute....

Queen Marie