Say hello to Higuchi...

Nothing inspires me more than illustration.

I can't draw worth a damm , so I am always in awe of people who can create another world just with some lines on a page. People like our lovely blog chum Louise Evans from super duper things, who with a pen, pencil or even a scalpel can take you to another world...



Another world, is exactly where the Japanese illustrator Higuchi Yuko takes you with her work!

A world where, a cat wearing a conker hat, carrying a squid can appear perfectly normal!


Or how about a Kitten Mermaid?


 A graduate of Tama Art University , Higuchi Yuko’s world is a fairytale one full of wonder. From her beautiful studio inspired by her precious cat, she produces the most enchanting, slightly surreal illustrations that stay in your mind long after you have walked away from your computer screen...

 You can see her work on her tumblr but I'm finding it tricky to find any of her work for sale. Yuko explains this saying -"I usually do my exhibitions twice or three times a year in Japan,mostly in tokyo,and I sell my works at my exhibitions."






Sadly, even for me Tokyo is a trip too far, just to pick up some new prints for The Palace.

But if I could, I surely would, I love these that much....

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