Class Appropriate

I really wish I could commit myself to wearing pretty silver or gold jewellery on a regular basis. I do wear large statement jewellery often, but there is something so inherantly feminine about a delicate silver ring caressing a slender finger or subtle earrings dangling gently from an earlobe.

I do have such very delicate jewellery, mostly in the form of rings, but sadly my fingers er on the side of too slender and I find they never sit right or they slide off entirely. But earrings I can wear.

I am forever searching for the perfect earrings to wear to ballet class. When my hair is entirely scraped back in a bun and my fringe pulled away by a hairband, I am left with my less than delicate face very exposed. I have what someone once described as a 'pointy' face, because my cheekbones are high and prominent and my nose very narrow. I soften my face with long hair to frame it and a fringe but with all of that scaped away, softening my face becomes very difficult. So I rely on wearing feminine little earrings, such as teardrop diamantes or pearls, to class. My current favourite earrings are tiny little silver discs.

I'm hunting for more however and not just more earrings, but more delicate pieces in general to wear to class in particular.

I came across the work of SDMarie relatively recently, a designer based in Minnesota in the US.

Her work is incredibly delicate but still possesses an edge which still feels like me.

Sdmarie_1 Sdmarie_5Sdmarie_2 Sdmarie_6Sdmarie_4Sdmarie_3
Everything is undestated enough to wear to the studio without being intrustive or, worse still, snagging your ballet tights.

I think I might start with the spike hook earrings...