Baby's Gone Bad

Méchant Bébé is an incredible label based in Taiwan which I unfortuntely know little else about, other than the design team behind the brand come from a range of disciplines such as stylist, fashion editor to graphic designer. The name translates to “bad baby” in French apparently and they describe their choice of name to indicate "a pursuit of uniqueness and variety". 

The brand certainly isn't for your average wall flower, but there is something so inherantly whimsical and charming about their creations that I can't help but fall in love every time I visit their site. 

They revel in print and label's main dichtomy seems to be supreme elegance and plenty of good humour. Cats and dogs are showcased wearing a fabulous array of garments and jewels, which is always a winner for me. Put a fox on a jacket and I'm in, all the way. Everything is rendered in sumptuous fabrics such as silk and each piece is﹑100% hand crafted in very limited amount or, in some cases, one of a kind.

I find it very difficult to wear pieces like this in isolation though, preferring instead to pair them with other items from the same collection to really get the full narrative of the collection or label. 

Basically, I want everything...

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