Number Wun

Robert Wun is a luxury fashion label based in London and Hong Kong and his 2012/13 collection, Burnt, represents absolute perfection for me.

He explains the that highly volumunious silhouettes, created using fabrics such as neoprene, glass organza, lycra, foam and even waddings, aims to explore "the chaos between Nature and the artificial and it forms the centre of the design ethos, through resourcing in the novelty nature and the revolutionary artificial world...such contradiction, promising ideas will be generated through the process of perplexity".

The use of innovative manufacturing and his uncompromising attention to traditional values, results in a collision between futurism and traditionalism, which are reflected in the shapes, all of which feel almost Victorian, yet using these high-tech. modern materials and treatment methods. "Creating the harmony by combining enlightening ideas with sophistication craftsmanship, brining in a new dimension to luxury garments".

1--Burnt-- by Robert Wun. Photography- Louis Lander Deacon 5612--Burnt-- by Robert Wun. Photography- Louis Lander Deacon10--Burnt-- by Robert Wun. Photography- Louis Lander Deacon 9--Burnt-- by Robert Wun. Photography- Louis Lander Deacon

His online shop features a small amount of items at the moment, but I'm certainly hoping it populates further.

Personally, if I had £600 to burn I'd much rather spent it on a designer like this than mainstream labels like Chanel or Celine. When you open up blogs and everyone and their granny is wearing the same shit, it's time to look further afield.

The shoes with the horn on the front are pretty special. Crazy, but special!

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I'd like to dress like this every day in life. I don't think anything bad can happen to you when you're wearing fricking massive ruffles! Am I right?!